Page 42 - 2017 Elegant Baby Fall Catalog
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For our customers wanting a wider selection of styles with smaller minimums, we offer prepacks of some of our best selling styles. Instead of a minimum of 6 per style, you get 2 or 3 pieces each of a variety of styles. We reserve the right to substitute an item of equal value if any of the styles shown are not available.
BATH WRAP 12 PIECE PRE-PACK Prepack includes 2 of each:
Gray Elephant, White Bunny, Tan Puppy, Unicorn, Yellow Duckie & Princess Mousie.
Min 1 $216 ($18 each)
Bath Wrap 12 Piece PP404
SUNGLASSES 18 PIECE PRE-PACK Prepack includes 3 of each:
Daisy, Sweetheart, Polka Dot, Turquoise Surfer, Royal Stars & Flowers.
Min 1 $162 ($9 each)
Sunglasses 18 Piece PP410

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